How to Contact GhostMonitor Support

Basically there are two ways to reach us:

  • The fast way – Start a conversation on your Dashboard
  • The slow way – Write an email to [email protected]

The fast way

To support you, we use Intercom where we can see all your data, your numbers, your recovered revenue, your site’s status – so everything. If you use Intercom to reach us, you’ll receive very fast help (0-5 hours).

So how do you send us message via Intercom?

It’s really easy, all you have to do is go to your GhostMonitor Dashboard, and find for the ‘?’ icon on the bottom right.

After you click on the ? icon, the chat window will appear
After you click on the ? icon, the chat window will appear

You’ll literally chat with us. Since I can see all your data through Intercom, the troubleshoot will be much faster than via email. Other benefit is that you can see your Dashboard and communicate with us together, so it allows us to solve your problems more quickly.

Messaging us via Intecom chat is very easy - and fast
Messaging us via Intercom chat is very easy – and fast

The slow way

If you still love email and if it’s okay for you to receive answer in 24-48 hours, you can send us email to [email protected].

We’re looking forward for hearing from you!

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